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    Książkę papierową jednak czyta się łatwiej niż ksiązkę elektroniczną ( przynajmniej mnie).Wersja cyfrowa służyłaby raczej do drukowania (nie wiem na ile byłoby to tańsze, zwłaszcza w kolorze?). Jest jednak inna zaleta postaci elektronicznej wydrukowanej- dziecko mogłoby nosić do szkoły tylko te kilka aktualnie potrzebnych stron- zniknąłby problem tornistrów i ew. szafek w szkole ( ale wyjątek- powtórki z większych fragmentów, gdzie warto miec pod ręką kompletną ksiązkę, widziec jej strukturę )
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    I have analyzed a couple of genomes using this program file on a couple of primarily West African origin. I have found them to have an ancestral component from .50 to .64%. It would be interesting to see if all those of Tropical African descent have this ancestral component.
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    zon Posted on grazie. ora mi faccio una sd con debian e una con arch, poi le provo entrambe. ma funziona che configuro ssh, lo attacco ad una rete e poi lancio un terminale sul raspberry e faccio apt-get direttamente da lì ( o l’equivalente per arch), giusto? in pratica lo penso come un vero e proprio computer senza monitor e tastiera, giusto?
  • http://chrissamstraining.com/ - Mardi 6 Février 2018 07:21
    I don’t want to seem inpatient, so I assume you have uploaded it again and I am doing something wrong as the file provided still tells me the file got deleted Btw.: This is in no way a bad critic as I really appreciate your work! It’s a mere reminder
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    Doesn’t the answer to question 3 assume that GDP doesn’t change? I had answered False on the basis that Debt-to-GDP can increase or decrease even with a balanced budget when GDP decreases or increases (right?).
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    It all seems good although I think there should be an option to upload your own music track from your computer and there should also be an option to change the music track volume if you still want the original audio playing with the video. But overall it may come in useful to me soon.
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    دوست عزیز یک سری فایل های مخصوص هر زبان بود در عکس های قبل که حذف شد و برای راحتی کار عکس جدید گزاشته شداین عکس رو مقایسه کنید با بازی خودتون.و دقت کنید فایل های شما از لحاظ حجم برابری کنه و کمتر نباشه.
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    I agree with Magic Phil November 3, 2012 at 4:30 pm, that this was one of your most excellent post in recent memory. I liked the link to PBT, you should continue that, so we get the maximum basketball insight from you at the time. I think it is funny that my world was going to end if I could not watch every Lakers basketball game this season on my TV, so far it would not have mattered if I was not able to watch these underperforming games by the Lakers. I have always heard that money cannot buy everything, at 100m it does not seem to uy a great basketball team either.
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    Hi GaylaI just adore your blog. So informative and so interesting. I’d love to see a post about how you plan your garden… how to work with different blooming times, heights, arrangements, colour coordination, perfume, complementary plant placement etc. This stuff fascinates me. I have a friend who is a ‘master’ gardener and the level of detail she goes to when planning her garden each season is unbelievable and she really reaps the rewards. What is your own process?
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    Sometimes I wonder if the Republicans could man it up and propose a Great Compromise with the Moloch of progressive America. This coda reminds me of GBFM's great poem in which he writes "sometimes i wonder if poets and prophets can still change the world?"