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    Oh I ADORE this! So much colour and texture and snuggliness! We are wilting through a hot summer hear (and it's only just the beginning, yikes…) but seeing this makes me long (sort of) for winter again!
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    The most ridiculous argument I have heard yet came from some lawyer on Fox News this morning saying that you can’t trust even a police officer or army vet to stay calm if shots start getting fired. Really? What do they do now? THEY CALL THE POLICE! If there was an armed officer or security guard in the main office at Sandy Hook he would have had an excellent chance to take Lanza down when he shot his way into the school.
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    dori gearwar Posted on I saw Carly yesterday on the TV show the Doctor’s I was just simply blown away by Carly. God Bless her and stay strong you have paved the way for the entire world to better understand autistic children. Dori
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    Alistair, if you ever offer photography classes (I hope you do), I will be the first one to sign up! How on Earth do you do this???? I know that you have a good equipment, but…!!!! ?!?!Thanks for pushing the limits.
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